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Here we work to generate the invoice for each flat with our easy- to- use automated income tracker. You can consider this as a maintenance fee.

We consider the income from two categories which includes both non residents and residents.

We at society planner have included wide arrays of society categories like 3 BHK, 2 BHK, flats, penthouse. To note that in each of the categories the charges are fixed respectively.

Our income tracker smoothly manages the collected amount. We do confirm the recipients by emailing, or by sending texts or prints.

We do send reminders through email or texts to defaulters. And specify the amount subjected to each of the defaulters.

Our admin department makes it a point to send reminders by email or text to the committee members regarding the due date of the payment

For the ease of the committee members, we always send a prior notification just three days before the payment due date

Our system meticulously maintains all the necessary data pertaining to each member of the society. For example their name, address, contact no, email id etc

We open a cash and bank account which includes the fixed and current deposits

Our system skillfully tracts the income and expense

Additionally the bank pass books display the whole bank balance including the opening, savings and the withdrawal amount

A single click will help the members know the present monetary situation

Our admin team opens an autonomous account to look after the various events that take place

Suppose an independence day is going to be celebrated , we take care to spend the amount. For that we make a separate budget

Our robust software automatically calculates the expenditure for each event separately

Members of the society planner should know that this amount would never intervene the original expenditure of the society

Our fast and efficient software automatically calculates the salaries of the staffs involved in the society

Our team prepares the excel sheet and inputs all the necessary detail for each of the staff.

We notify the members of the society planner to pay the amount prior to the due date

For those who fail to make the payment by the expected date has to bear the penalty. According to that the member has to give the exact amount along with an additional penalty charge

Our efficient system automatically calculates the penalty dues.

We have configured a society portal through which we will send the message to each of the members of the society

An alert regarding payment dates, dues is in-boxed through sms

Even members can automatically receive the receipt of the payment through email

Our Admin enables members of the society to take part in the polling system

Suppose the members want to elect their President or the Secretory for the society. The members have the authority to conduct the poll and place their decision

We help the society to stay organized and united

Our Software automatically sends the email to notify the members about the payment or dues

Additionally, we also let the members know about the functions and celebrations in the society through emailing

We help the society to stay organized and united

We allow members of the society to advertise their service and products

We configure a portal where each of the members will come to know about each other and the services

Hence it will enhance the interaction and communication among the members of the Society Planner

Through this, we especially want to put forward the thoughts of the veterans

We encourage the members of the society to share tips on anything for the benefit of the others

Our admin is authorized to examine all the details of the respective members of the society

Not only that we have the sole jurisdiction to delete and enter any data related to the members. But keep the confidentiality of the matter intact

Our automated software skillfully and precisely manages all the details of the society resources

Like we clearly maintain a record where we can add and book documents as and necessary

We also create the list of the due payments of the society members with the help of resource book

Our admin keeps a record regrading the rents according to the flat. Here we enter the details like the name of the boarder, owner of the flat who gives the rent. In addition to this, the actual address of the occupant, contact no, and email id is also updated.

Importantly, our admin has the only authority to verify any information related to the boarder

Our high end software enters the detail like the name of the society member, flat no, vehicle no and the parking area allotted

We maintain a separate parking lot directory through which we can easily keep records of the flat owners and the number of vehicles they actually own

Our efficient software keeps a detail record of the staffs who works for the society planner

Additionally, we maintain a sheet where we enter the details of existing staffs and the new staffs. Accordingly enter the names, contact details like address, phone no etc

We also maintain a separate list of those staffs who left the job

Our software automatically keeps a record of the incoming and outgoing guests. Accordingly, we also update the flat no of the society member to whom the guest makes a visit

Through this portal society administrator manages all the resources pertaining to the society.

Administrator can add / delete / update resource details.

Administrator can mark a Resource as book-able or not through system.

Society Members will be able to book available book-able resources for personal use

System will check availability and will guide end user to book resource.

Society Planner is smart enough to calculate charge depend on booking schedule

Due will be generated for charged amount for end user

Resource Servicing details is captured through the system

Service Due date and Servicing company can be tracked smartly

The Administrator merges with the local service providers for the benefits of the members

This portal encloses the precise list of services offered by the local service providers

Local service providers will have to register along with the details of the type of the services they are providing.

User will select the particular services as per their requirement.

Once selected, the user will send a request to admin in order to avail the particular service

The Administrator authority of society planner incorporates the products of the local business owners

The local business owners can register at ease

Then can upload their specific products to sell among the members of the society planner

The Members of the society planners can book any of the uploaded local products.

Hence, can request for home delivery as well